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New cards design for AccessBank

As a design lead at AccessBank, I was responsible for the development and implementation of a new line of cards. In addition to overseeing the design and execution process, I also managed the printing of the cards. Given the company's plans for a major rebranding initiative, it was decided to avoid existing brand elements. As a result, the card design was transitional, and only a few brand elements were retained. Under the "mycard" project, a total of seven cards were developed, including Standard, Premium, Luxe, Business, Salary, and a line of Junior cards for boys and girls.

Bank's Commercial Filming

I participated in the filming of bank's commercial featuring local stars and gained exciting experience with it.

Code of conduct for AccessBank

After conducting a survey among employees, it was discovered that many of them were not reading the bank's code due to its length and complex nature. To address this issue, a new code was developed specifically for the HR department. Initially, a digital version was created, and it was found to be much easier to read and comprehend for the employees. The print version was subsequently adapted from the digital version, and it is currently being successfully utilized by the bank.


Almost all of the bank's merchandise has been updated, from the signs on the doors to the bank's signage.


For almost two years, I led all design projects at AccessBank. During that time, I was in charge of the development of printed products, digital marketing visuals, company rebranding, as well as the organization of events and updates to the branch exteriors. Below you can find a detailed overview of my work and the design process.





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Displayed below is the 2021 calendar that I created for AccessBank. The main goal was to show how many different currencies have been used in Azerbaijan throughout history, and how it was changing over time.