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Pepsi Taste Challenge

Pepsi Taste Challenge became one of the most important and game-changing national BTL promotion campaigns of 2019 in Azerbaijan. A traditional taste challenge campaign for Pepsi was held in Azerbaijan, welcoming thousands of participants to take part in this memorable event. The participants were invited to taste 2 different drinks and choose the one they loved the most. Using the cross-channel communication strategy, we focused on attracting people across the country to share the event with each other. As a result, Pepsi had 27.000 unique participants registered, and 54% of them have chosen Pepsi as their favorite drink. The project was successful, and there was a significant increase in sales to up to 30% comparing to the previous year.


My Impact on the Project

The project was developed under my art direction. I was responsible for the complete redesign of the event and did a comprehensive research in order to update the style for modern trends.

The general event design, the design of the tent itself, DJ stand, background wall, refrigerators, table for the drinks testing, stickers, flags, branded uniforms for employees, and cut-out stand were created for the project.

Event photos

Photos capturing the vibe of the event and its happy participants

Pepsi Taste Challenge National Promo

Visual style and concept development for the Pepsi event. Some of the elements developed for this event have been used in the identity of Pepsi in Azerbaijan.


Pepsi Azerbaijan



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