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Developing the brand book, we took a strategic approach, working closely with the marketing team to ensure alignment with the overall marketing strategy. Through careful planning, we established the brand archetype and positioning in the market, setting the foundation for a strong and effective brand identity.


3D Implementation

We incorporated 3D integration into the Rahat application, both in the marketing materials and the app interface. This addition proved to be a valuable aspect of the project, resulting in the creation of a vast amount of high-quality 3D materials.

3D Illustrations

For the info page and error pages, I designed special 3D illustrations and animations.

Rahat Mobile App

RahatApp is a mobile application developed for delivering fresh groceries on your schedule, right to your door. 


Global Managment



Application Screens

Throughout the application development process, I collaborated closely with the UI/UX team to create a cohesive product that seamlessly integrates all the necessary elements of a visually appealing and user-friendly interface.

3D Icons for Categories and

During the project development, the question of which icons to use for categories and subcategories arose itself. It was a choice between photos, vector icons and 3D. If we would use photos, there was a chance of not finding a suitable picture. Plus, it was necessary to avoid the images of other brands as well.

The option with vector icons seemed outdated and not professional. Thus, we choose the option with 3D icons. As a result, about 250 icons for the application were developed. Also, with this option, the company now has a large database of resources for further design of marketing campaigns.

3D Icons for

Categories and Subcategories

As part of the project development, we encountered a question regarding which icons to use for the categories and subcategories. We weighed the options between using photos, vector icons, or 3D designs. The photo option posed a risk of not finding suitable images and the need to avoid any copyrighted material.
The vector icon option appeared outdated and unprofessional. Ultimately, we opted for 3D icons, resulting in the development of approximately 250 icons for the application. This decision not only enhanced the app's visual appeal but also provided the company with a vast resource database for future marketing campaigns.

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