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Rebranding of 

In this project, I started by designing a new logo and updating the website's overall concept. My primary objective was to craft a visually engaging and user-friendly website with a unique brand identity that would effectively position itself in the market and facilitate its promotion. I aimed to create a website that would be both vibrant and informative, enabling the brand to stand out and capture the attention of its target audience. Brand Book

I developed a unique brand identity that served as the foundation for both the website and mobile application. To ensure a consistent visual experience, it was important to focus on every detail before proceeding with the project. As a result, we crafted a distinctive and innovative brand that captures the user's attention and is highly memorable.


After the restructuring in the company, it was decided to make changes to the general style of the site. Due to the tight deadlines, the brand book was not redone, but a small guideline was compiled for the project, according to which the site was going

Stylized 3d icons

In this project, creating simple and recognizable icons that could function effectively even on small screens was a top priority. These icons needed to be stylized and responsive to hover, ensuring a seamless user experience regardless of the device used.

Web screens

Here are various screens that showcase the website's overall style and aesthetic. Additionally, I collected and added 3D illustrations to enhance the visual appeal of the website, providing a more engaging user experience.

Project In Progress

Currently, the project is still in the development phase, so most of the work remains confidential and cannot be shared at this time. is a classifieds website that has been present in the Azerbaijani market for a significant period. It could not achieve the expected results due to several factors, including poor marketing, functionality of the website, and outdated design. Seeing the project's performance, it was decided to improve the website, make it more competitive and bring it back on top of advertising websites.


Global Managment



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